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Zim. r.i.p.

Farewell to Don Zimmer.

Red Sox Nation will miss him, even though he blew the 1978 pennant.

Pedro Martinez will miss him, even though he was attacked by Zim in the 2003 ALCS.

I will miss him, even though he tried to take my head off in the Sox clubhouse and had to be restrained by Vinnie Orlando. (Dennis Eckersley had given up a game-losing home run.  I asked Zim, “What did he throw?”  He said, “How should I know?”  I said, “You’re the manager.”  That did it!)

Everybody will miss Zim, because he was the curmudgeon everybody is supposed to like.

A poet, Elliot Kolker, has eulogized him in rhyming couplets: