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Rich Hofmann

An Interview with Rich Hofmann

My whole thing is I’ve never been a guy who shouts a lot in the paper. It’s partly my personality, partly a calculation. I’m not sure I can out-shout radio if I wanted to…I don’t try to take the loudest take – I try to take the smartest take, or a different take.
“I find myself less likely to write about a national event than I used to. If there is a choice between me writing about Bobby Knight resigning or the St. Joe-Villanova basketball game, which we call the Holy War, I write the Holy War. To me, where we are in 2008, the better column in Philadelphia that day is the big college basketball game. I think that’s what I can give people that they can’t get on espn.com.”
“Now my son is getting ready for college and he wants to be a sportswriter…When you hear that you have a range of emotions…it makes you feel good he wasn’t totally scarred by all the traveling I did, and all the times I wasn’t there for things…But at the same time I make him aware of the financial realities of the business now…”
Rich Hofmann: interviewed on February 8, 2008

Position: Columnist, Philadelphia Daily News

Born: 1958, New York

Education: Penn, 1980, BS (economics, labor relations, political science)

Career: Philadelphia Daily News 1980 –

Personal: married, two children (Rich, Casey)

Favorite restaurant (home): Amici Noi, Philadelphia (Old City) “great Italian food and a great place to sit at the bar and watch Philadelphia go by”

Favorite restaurant (road): “anyplace you can get more than five Philadelphia sportswriters at the same table”

Favorite hotel: Grace Bay Club, Turks and Caicos “fabulous and fabulously expensive”

Rich Hofmann, excerpted from the Philadelphia Daily News, January 8, 2008:

“ME, I AM neither for nor against boxing: Like Zen, it is,” says Joseph R. Svinth. It is a wonderful line, written by a man whose avocation is to chronicle death in the ring.