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Michelle Kaufman

An Interview with Michelle Kaufman

“We feel guilt male sportswriters don’t feel.”

“When you push the button to send on time and you know you pounded it out in the last fifteen minutes, that’s a huge rush, like scoring a touchdown. It’s the most challenging and amazing fifteen minutes of sportswriting.”

Michelle Kaufman: Interviewed on August 22, 2006.

Position: reporter, Miami Herald (tennis, Olympics, soccer)

Born: 1965, Frederick, Md.

Education: University of Miami, 1987 (Journalism, English)

Career: St. Petersburg Times 1987-90, Detroit Free Press 1990-96, Miami Herald 1996 –

Personal: Married, one daughter

Favorite Sports Movies: Rocky, Bull Durham, A League of Their Own

Hobbies: traveling, reading

Michelle Kaufman excerpted from the Miami Herald, July 8, 2006:

MUNICH, Germany — Deutsch-land! Deutsch-land! Over and over and over again. Everywhere you turn at this World Cup, German fans are chanting, fists pumping skyward, a passionate display of patriotism locals say they always avoided because of collective shame about “the war.”