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Randy Galloway

An Interview with Randy Galloway

“I’ve said for years that the art of writing is not my strongest point. My strength is having opinions and a work ethic and liking what I’m doing. Because as you know a lot of sportswriters don’t like what they’re doing.”

“I have been told I write like I talk, particularly from people in other parts of the country. They say I’m the only guy in the country who writes like I talk. I don’t know if that’s good or not. But I’ve tricked them so far for 40 years and I want to continue to do so.”

“I’m a fan of people. I want these people to do well, but you have to separate that from being a fan of the team in how you report.”       


Randy Galloway: Interviewed on October 10, 2006

Position: Columnist, Ft. Worth Star Telegram; host, ESPN 103.3 FM

Born: 1943, Mayfield, Kentucky

Education: Sam Houston State, North Texas State

Career: Dallas Morning News 1964 (part-time), Port Arthur News 1965-66, Dallas Morning News 1966-1998, Ft. Worth Star Telegram 1998 -; WBAP radio 1985 -2002; ESPN 103.3 FM 2002 –