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How Salters Interviewed Megatron and McCoy

E:60’s Lisa Salters explains how she got Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson to relax and open up in an interview, no mean feat, in light of Johnson’s painful shyness.  Johnson may be the All-Pro “Megatron” on the field, but off the field he had been a blank slate, until he encountered Salters.

Lisa Salters

The interview took place before the season at Johnson’s childhood home near Atlanta, and at his high school.

Salters also explains how she handled an emotional LeSean McCoy in an interview with the Eagles running back.


Soft Touch

Human interest features require a soft touch.  They may turn out as good – or bad – as the social skills of the journalist.

When 7-year-old Josiah Viera, who suffers from a rare and incurable disease, came to E:60’s roundtable shoot, it was producer Toby Hershkowitz’ job to make it come out right.  In this Production Notes item, we see how he pulled it off.

The Josiah roundtable airs tonight in E:60’s anthology of its most “inspirational” stories.

Art at St. Andrews

When Mike Reeder became the first wheelchair golfer to play St. Andrews in Scotland, producer Ben Houser was there to shoot it, as detailed by E:60 Production Notes.

In the pre-dawn hour Houser captured Reeder at the iconic Swilcan Bridge with a neat piece of equipment.  Later, at Hell Bunker on the 14th hole, as Reeder spread the ashes of his late friend, and was overcome with emotion, Houser captured it without being intrusive.

Houser, who produced the moving portrait of Josiah Viera last fall, tells emotional stories by first earning the trust of his subjects.

Visualizing Depression

Television tells stories with words and pictures, but sometimes there are too many words and not enough pictures.  That’s where re-enactment and specialty ‘B’ roll come in –  techniques to create images to cover the story.  E:60 Production Notes: Part 1 tells how images were created for the story of Jordan Burnham, an 18-year-old athlete who suffered from depression, and survived a horrific suicide attempt.

Part 2 addresses the ‘fine line’ between enough and too much at E:60.

E:60 Roundtable: Not a Con

The reality of E:60’s roundtable

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