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In the Moment

To tell a story that happened in the past it’s important to get the interview subjects “in the moment” – re-living the action without referencing subsequent events.  It’s particularly important if one of those subsequent events is the dramatic “reveal” for the story.

E:60 producer Dave Salerno pulled it off in a story about Tulsa quarterback G.J. Kinne, as detailed here.

“Super Bowl Monday”

Clever title.  Solid concept.  I haven’t read “Super Bowl Monday” yet, but I’m intrigued.  Adam Lazarus has taken the nail-biter that was Super Bowl XXV, and wrapped it in the social-political context of the Gulf War, in January 1991.  Desert Storm.  Whitney Houston’s ‘Star-Spangled Banner’.  Saddam Hussein. Scott Norwood. Wide right.

The title, by the way, refers to when American military personnel – halfway around the world – watched the game – early Monday morning.

Props to Lazarus, 29, who also wrote “Chasing Greatness” – about Johnny Miller’s 1973 US Open victory at Oakmont.   He is the first SMG interviewee to write for the oft-maligned Bleacher Report.  As of today,  for BR, Lazarus has written 589 articles (rank 56), and had 4.12 million article reads (rank 18) and 112 comments (rank 7,534).

Read the Adam Lazarus interview.

The Jason Fry Collection

Jason Fry was a good read when I first encountered  “The Daily Fix”, his Wall Street Journal column of a few years ago.  Then he moved on to the National Sports Journalism Center, to blog about how to write for the web, using social media, access and coverage, and how new digital outlets are re-shaping the sports media landscape. Another blog of his, Reinventing the Newsroom, explores the future of journalism in the digital age.  He remains a good  – and provocative – read.

Now Fry has collected 19 of his best columns into an e-book,   “Sportswriting in the Digital Age”. Among his ideas, in “Inside and Outside the Press Box”, he writes: “When it comes to commodity news, scoops are all but worthless, and reporters should quit chasing them and focus on smart analysis instead…To remain must-reads, smart sportswriters are getting good at aggregation, summarizing and providing links to their competitors in a way that would have been heresy a decade ago.”

Speaks Four Languages

Israeli sports announcer and anchor Tal Heinrich is looking for a job in America.  She’s fluent in Hebrew, English, German and Arabic – which just might qualify her for Olympics coverage.  Most American announcers struggle with one language.

Here is Tal’s Demo and Tal’s Resume.

Tal Heinrich





Soft Touch

Human interest features require a soft touch.  They may turn out as good – or bad – as the social skills of the journalist.

When 7-year-old Josiah Viera, who suffers from a rare and incurable disease, came to E:60’s roundtable shoot, it was producer Toby Hershkowitz’ job to make it come out right.  In this Production Notes item, we see how he pulled it off.

The Josiah roundtable airs tonight in E:60’s anthology of its most “inspirational” stories.

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