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How Salters Interviewed Megatron and McCoy

E:60’s Lisa Salters explains how she got Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson to relax and open up in an interview, no mean feat, in light of Johnson’s painful shyness.  Johnson may be the All-Pro “Megatron” on the field, but off the field he had been a blank slate, until he encountered Salters.

Lisa Salters

The interview took place before the season at Johnson’s childhood home near Atlanta, and at his high school.

Salters also explains how she handled an emotional LeSean McCoy in an interview with the Eagles running back.


‘The Rhythm Boys’ Cops Award


ForeWord Reviews named “The Rhythm Boys of Omaha Central” as its  gold medal winner in the adult non-fiction/sports category for books published in 2011.

At a ceremony June 23 at ALA’s Annual Conference in Anaheim, California, ForeWord named 209 Book of the Year Award winners in 54 categories. These books, representing the best independently published works from 2011, were selected by a panel of librarian and bookseller judges.

ForeWord Reviews, a journal dedicated to reviewing independently published books, was established in 1998 and serves as the flagship periodical of booksellers, librarians, agents, and publishing professionals who want to access the best titles from small presses.

Props to University of Nebraska Press for putting its reputation and credibility behind my book.

John Elway and Gary Busey

John Elway and Gary Busey: Separated at Birth

Gary Busey

John Elway

Leon Panetta-Bob Arum

Leon Panetta and Bob Arum: Separated at Birth


Tim Roth-Brad Marchand

Tim Roth and Brad Marchand: Separated at Birth