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Sam Borden

An Interview with Sam Borden

“We’re in a hugely competitive situation with the Post. We’re competing for attention – people stop at the newsstand for 10 seconds – the way you get attention is by being different. That’s the driving force – to be different. I wake up nervous about what I’m going to see in the other paper. I’m competing against George King…It’s a daunting task.”

“In sports journalism so many things are given to writers – here’s a release and here’s a player to talk to. That’s fine, but my editor, Leon Carter, always begins the conversation by asking, “What do you have that nobody else has?”…If you sit around and wait for something to be given to you – especially with the Yankees – you’re going to do a bad job.”

“I haven’t lost any hair. I haven’t lost my girlfriend either which is a big deal…I’m away 220 nights a year and there are a lot of phone calls during dinner. There are abrupt exits to work on a story. The job can take a toll on your personal life.”

“One thing I hate is when people say the Daily News is doing sleazy journalism. It really isn’t. I consider myself an ethical and moral journalist – we’re not making things up or throwing things in the paper that aren’t confirmed. We hold ourselves to a high standard of journalism.”

Randy Galloway

An Interview with Randy Galloway

“I’ve said for years that the art of writing is not my strongest point. My strength is having opinions and a work ethic and liking what I’m doing. Because as you know a lot of sportswriters don’t like what they’re doing.”

“I have been told I write like I talk, particularly from people in other parts of the country. They say I’m the only guy in the country who writes like I talk. I don’t know if that’s good or not. But I’ve tricked them so far for 40 years and I want to continue to do so.”

“I’m a fan of people. I want these people to do well, but you have to separate that from being a fan of the team in how you report.”       


Randy Galloway: Interviewed on October 10, 2006

Position: Columnist, Ft. Worth Star Telegram; host, ESPN 103.3 FM

Born: 1943, Mayfield, Kentucky

Education: Sam Houston State, North Texas State

Career: Dallas Morning News 1964 (part-time), Port Arthur News 1965-66, Dallas Morning News 1966-1998, Ft. Worth Star Telegram 1998 -; WBAP radio 1985 -2002; ESPN 103.3 FM 2002 –

Michelle Kaufman

An Interview with Michelle Kaufman

“We feel guilt male sportswriters don’t feel.”

“When you push the button to send on time and you know you pounded it out in the last fifteen minutes, that’s a huge rush, like scoring a touchdown. It’s the most challenging and amazing fifteen minutes of sportswriting.”

Michelle Kaufman: Interviewed on August 22, 2006.

Position: reporter, Miami Herald (tennis, Olympics, soccer)

Born: 1965, Frederick, Md.

Education: University of Miami, 1987 (Journalism, English)

Career: St. Petersburg Times 1987-90, Detroit Free Press 1990-96, Miami Herald 1996 –

Personal: Married, one daughter

Favorite Sports Movies: Rocky, Bull Durham, A League of Their Own

Hobbies: traveling, reading

Michelle Kaufman excerpted from the Miami Herald, July 8, 2006:

MUNICH, Germany — Deutsch-land! Deutsch-land! Over and over and over again. Everywhere you turn at this World Cup, German fans are chanting, fists pumping skyward, a passionate display of patriotism locals say they always avoided because of collective shame about “the war.”

Jay Greenberg

An Interview with Jay Greenberg

“New York is more competitive and I’ve worked in probably the three most competitive markets in North America. Philadelphia had three dailies for half the time I was there. This takes it to another level – it’s more competitive and cutthroat. The Post and Daily News are out to drive each other out of business.”

“It’s easier to be much more critical in a market like New York than St. Louis or Pittsburgh. There is so much more of a tradition of criticism – it’s accepted that the papers will be tough.”

Jay Greenberg: Interviewed August 17, 2006

Position: Columnist, New York Post.

Born: 1950, Johnstown, Pa.

Personal: Married, two children

Education: University of Missouri, BJ, 1972.

Career: KC Star 1972-75, Philadelphia Bulletin 1975-78, Philadelphia Daily News 1978-89, Sports Illustrated 1989-91, Toronto Sun 1992-94, New York Post 1994 –

Author of: “Full Spectrum: A History of the Philadelphia Flyers”, 1996

Favorite Restaurant (home): Luchento’s, Englishtown NJ. “All the northern Italian staples, well-seasoned, a lot of fish and chicken options, which is what I eat mostly, and big portions.”

Favorite Restaurant (road): Al’s, St. Louis. “They did the Morton’s thing – no big menu, big tray with the unprepared selections – long before Morton’s.” The Common Plea, Pittsburgh.

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