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Soccer Referee Loses His Head

This is from the Fox Soccer blog:

An amateur soccer match turned barbaric, leading to the deaths of a match referee and player in northeastern Brazil.

The Public Safety Department of the state of Maranhao said in a statement that it started when referee Otavio da Silva expelled player Josenir Abreu from a game last weekend. The two got into a fist fight, then Silva took out a knife and stabbed Abreu, who died on his way to the hospital.

After witnessing the attack, fans invaded the field to attack the referee, who was stoned to death and quartered. Local news media are also reporting that the spectators decapitated Silva and stuck his head on a stake in the middle of the field.

In an official statement, Valter Costa, police chief of Santa Ines in Maranhão, confirmed the ongoing investigation and assured the public that suspects were being questioned.

BPS Sports Blog

Justin Rice of Boston Public Schools Sports Blog featured “Next Up at Fenway”.

Justin created the blog — as an independent journalist — a few years ago.  He detailed its genesis in a 2011 interview with Sports Media Guide.

I met him in 2011 at a Fenway High baseball game in Dorchester.  Now the blog belongs to the Boston Globe and Justin curates it.  He  is the go-to guy for anything about BPS sports and his Twitter feed is always entertaining.  After the Marathon bombings he had a steady stream of relevant tweets.  Full disclosure:  Justin read and commented on an early draft of “Next Up.”

“Next Up at Fenway: A Story of High School, Hope and Lindos Suenos”

Now Released!

Next Up at Fenway: A Story of High School, Hope and Lindos Sueños tells the true story of Marcos Baez, whose public high school next to Fenway Park—Fenway High—was his best hope of a college education and a better life. Inspired by his daily view of the ballpark and mentored by the Red Sox Foundation, Baez turned his passion for baseball into a love of learning in his quest for a path to college.

As a child, Marcos’ first exposure to baseball came through a neighborhood team, sponsored by the Foundation’s RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) program. As a Fenway High School junior, Marcos was chosen for the Foundation’s Lindos Sueños program, which paired up American and Dominican teens for baseball and community service in the Dominican Republic. From Lindos Sueños, Marcos found his voice for the essay he would use to apply to college.

Fluto Shinzawa's Kitchen

The best Japanese-American hockey writer in Boston writes about how the NHL lockout gave him time to make pizza for his children, Hana, 6, and Wright, 3.

Fluto Shinzawa


The Boston Globe’s Fluto Shinzawa does not seem to miss the game as he writes:  “I have never felt the pull of fall as keenly as I have during the lockout. The kitchen is where it feels the sharpest. The oven timer beeps. The food processor hums. Fists pump when I hit the sweet spot of my tomato soup. Curses flow when my apple pie crust balloons and the nutmeg kicks in far too sharply.”





How Salters Interviewed Megatron and McCoy

E:60’s Lisa Salters explains how she got Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson to relax and open up in an interview, no mean feat, in light of Johnson’s painful shyness.  Johnson may be the All-Pro “Megatron” on the field, but off the field he had been a blank slate, until he encountered Salters.

Lisa Salters

The interview took place before the season at Johnson’s childhood home near Atlanta, and at his high school.

Salters also explains how she handled an emotional LeSean McCoy in an interview with the Eagles running back.


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